Interaction Design Patterns for Bioinformatics

Design patterns describe a repeatable solution to a commonly-occurring usability problem.

Our goal is to use interaction design patterns to help bioinformatics software developers to improve the productivity and efficiency of their design process.

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A pattern template

Description of the problem solved by the pattern.

Flexible Data Input

Users need to enter and specify data for the miRNA target search.

Data Filter

Users need to specify filtering criteria for miRNA target search results.

Data Presentation

Users need to visualize and interact with miRNA target search results.


Users need to explore the relationship between a miRNA and a target gene in-depth.

Informational Elements

Users need essential information to decide if the database suits their needs.


Users need to cite the database.

Status and Statistics

Users need to know the current information about the number of miRNA targets supported and the database’s last update date.


Users need to know the methods used by the miRNA target search and how to interpret the tool’s prediction score.


Users need to contact the team responsible for maintaining the tool.