Data Filter



Users need to specify filtering criteria for miRNA target search results.


A query in a miRNA database can result in an excessive number of results. The visualization of the most relevant results depends on the definition of search criteria.


Use single and multiple selection menus to compose a filtering strategy. Some filtering criteria can be applied as single or multiple selection boxes in Flexible Data Input, such as the choice of species and miRNA/family of miRNA. The Data Filter also acts in Data Presentation. To facilitate exploration of the results, implement a text box to search for specific miRNA/target in a large list. For databases that aggregate results from multiple algorithms or validation methods, implement multiple selection boxes to allow filtering of results.


Tools used for miRNA research sometimes lack flexibility (Mullany et al., 2015) and user-friendly features to improve efficiency (Akthar et al., 2015). A Flexible Data Input can help users restrict their results based on specific criteria, and explore results in the Data Presentation. This can facilitate the knowledge discovery process when users are presented with many miRNA-target pairs.

Is contained




  • Selection menus are available to restrict the results.
  • Search box to filter for miRNA name.


  • Search box to filter for miRNA and target in a 21156 pages result.


  • Criteria to filter the results can be set in the left menu of the Data Presentation interface.



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