Data Presentation



Users need to visualize and interact with miRNA target search results.


The results of the miRNA target search need to be presented to the user in a minimally interactive way. This includes Data Filter, Sort by Column, and Export the results.


Present the search results in tabular format, in which each row corresponds to a miRNA-mRNA interaction pair. At least one of the columns should contain a score used by the tool for predicting the miRNA-target relationship. This score should be described in the Methods. Columns with numerical values, such as the score, should allow Sort by Column. Data Filter should allow the search specification by target, miRNA, or prediction tools. The Details of the miRNA-target interaction should be referenced in the Data Presentation. Users should be able to Export the results using a download button located in the Data Presentation area.


Bioinformatics tool users widely use tabular data due to the ease of working with spreadsheet software (Rideout et al., 2016). A Data Presentation containing a table and interactive filters gives the user the possibility to explore the data quickly. This format also favors the export of miRNA-target pairs, which can be easily imported into interaction visualization software such as Cytoscape.


Used with



  • Tabular format.
  • Details link to a new page, avoiding clutter in the table.
  • A score column is present and the interpretation of this value is described at the Methods.


  • miRNA-target organized in tabular format.
  • Multiple filter available.
  • Data can be exported in Excel or text format.
  • Columns can be sorted.


  • Scoring metrics are available and some Methods explanation is visible.
  • Columns can be sorted.
  • Details about miRNA-target interaction (heteroduplex) are provided directly at the table.


  • miRNA-target pairs in tabular format.
  • One-click to export the results.
  • Filter box with an example is provided.


Rideout, Jai Ram, et al. “Keemei: cloud-based validation of tabular bioinformatics file formats in Google Sheets.” Gigascience 5.1 (2016): s13742-016.